Climbing Mountains and Other Life Lessons

Photo: R.C

My soul mate recently suggested we visit one of the "magic towns" of central Mexico on a whim to climb a mountain. He had remembered visiting this place years ago and wanted to show me a special spot that had once made an indelible impression on him.  Excited he impatiently drove us through the bustling mid-day traffic of Mexico City in his 2003 green convertible Peugeot and we began the ascent up several mountains, our ears popping with the rising altitude, eyes gleaming with the unfolding beauty, we became lightheaded and lighthearted with the approaching adventure.  I have always been interested in visiting sacred energy sites to rise beyond my physical perception, to have more clarity beyond my intellectual understanding of the nature of things and expand my awareness because I don't really believe in anything man-made at this point.  These sites reconnect me to the Whole, Source Energy.

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Two & 1/2 Years

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global posse artist development, Merida, Mexico


Wade in the Water/Kuomboka - Back to Theatre as Ritual

Animating the Archivewade in the water/kuomboka A hybrid ritual by Mukwae Wabei Siyolwe 

Wade in the Water/Kuomboka is an auto-ethnographic experiential, immersive, emotionally connected ritual where the walls of spectatorship are destroyed.  The multi media work was developed during an artist residency at the Kelly Strayhorn Theatre in Pittsburgh and La Cupula Artist Residency in Merida Mexico.  
Set in dreamtime the musical and photographic epic tale in five short acts spans more than one hundred years and opens the archive of Barotseland.   I play the heroine Princess Water guided by my great great Grandfather King Lewanika of Barotseland,  during the ancient flood ceremony Kuomboka (to wade in the water), where I travel to the underworld of emotions to gather humanity to the safety of higher ground from the oncoming flood of ignorance and greed.

Wade in the Water/Kuomboka is at the intersection of art and social change.

The Heinz Endowments is devoted to helping our region prospe…

Animating the Archive of King Lewanika of Barotseland

My goal as an artist for Wade in the Water is to blur the lines between art, exhibit, documentary and performance and explore the intersections of technology, African philosophy and spiritual practices. I am an artist and I insert myself into history as an active participant of social change.